The changes here are all for the beta releases at the moment. As I roll out new stable releases, I’ll add a change log for those as well. In case you’re interested, stable release 1.7 is equivalent to beta release 1.7.2.
Version 1.7.2 Fixed minor bugs parsing unusual Phylip-format files and reporting errors in Nexus files Updated compilation instructions for Ubuntu users
Version 1.7.1 Fixed map themes for Windows
Version 1.7 Added an option to show/hide sequence labels in networks (makes for tidier figures) Added a “how to cite” dialog Fixed an issue with the documentation (“help contents”) on Windows Fixed AMOVA output (“%variation” entries are now percentages) Fixed TCS bug that caused an error message “Progress is not a percentage” to appear and network inference to fail.
Version 1.6 Added a population group dialog to allow users to specify groups for nested AMOVA Implemented nested AMOVA AMOVA output format is now similar to that of Arlequin Fixed several bugs (notably saving/loading of edge lengths and several issues that caused PopART to crash while reading some NEXUS files)
Version 1.5 Implemented great circle distance clustering of geotagged sequences
Version 1.4 Support for Geotagged sequences Support for importing traits or geotags from a tab-, space-, or comma-delimited table Saving and opening networks
Version 1.3 Added map interface
Version 1.2 Added options to change the default node size and view mutations along edges in three different ways Ancestral Parsimony networks now use edges sampled from ancestral reconstructions on MP trees rather than a minimum spanning network between sampled ancestral sequences The Tight Span Walker algorithm has been changed somewhat, and should work with more datasets Fixed various bugs, including parsing of Nexus files with quotes around command values, e.g., gap=”-“, and a bug where if “Open File” was cancelled, an existing open file would still be closed
Version 1.1 Added support for NEXUS with mid-sequence line breaks (e.g., exported by Seaview) Added support for old-style Mac line breaks (e.g., saved by PAUP* running on Mac Classic) Improved progress bars Sequences now load faster Graph drawing is slightly faster Redraw network now lets you specify how many iterations of the spring embedder to perform (more iterations means slower, but nicer drawings) Fixed bug that only allowed logging to existing files Fixed bug that affected mixed case sequence files Fixed “5 sample” size (radius, rather than area, was 5x the 1 sample radius.It’s now 10 samples so that text will fit) Fixed bug in ancestral parsimony where sequence nodes were duplicated